What are Seller Closing Costs?

Before you put up a 'For Sale' sign, it is important to understand how much it will cost you! Some surprises are fun, but surprise expenses are NOT! In this guide, we talk about all "possible" costs you may incur as a seller so that you can budget accordingly.

  • Pre-listing Expenses: items to invest in prior to putting your home on the market.
  • During Your Sale: What expenses will you incur when your property is pending?
  • Overall Budget: How much should you plan to spend overall?

Meet Janice Allen

I’m a full time REALTOR® with Jaqua Realtors in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I'm a musician that plays six instruments (not all at the same time!), I'm a die-hard tech nerd, and avid tennis fan. I've been helping families buy, sell, and relocate since 2001.

Having moved many times (like 20!), and across state lines, I consider myself an expert at relocating! I know what the process entails for my clients, first hand, and how much responsibility we have on our side to make sure your transaction goes through as smoothly as possibly without any hiccups or issues arising along the way. I have sold hundreds of homes to families across the U.S. and I would love to assist you as well. to physical therapy.